22 Signs Your Brand Needs TLC Right Now


22 signs your brand needs TLC

Successful content and social media require having a plan for quick wins and a big picture idea for your long game.

Your long game is building your brand to create sustainable value. You get a lot more value out of your marketing efforts when every single marketing tactic contributes to brand equity. Strong brands create inimitable differentiation, increase loyalty, and create financial value. The value provided by a strong brand is real – each year, brand consultancy Interbrand tracks brand values: Brand equity is worth billions of dollars for the top-performing companies.

Brand Touch Points

Content and social media provide opportunities to create brand touch points for your consumers. At every brand touch point, you should be delivering on your brand promise. Each touch point contributes to your brand perception as part of the larger mosaic that makes up your brand.

Let Your Brand Guide You 

Companies that succeed with content marketing and social media have well-defined brands. When you know your overall brand strategy making everyday decisions is much easier. As long as what you’re doing aligns with your north star (your brand strategy), then you’re good. Instead of dissecting every decision, you can simply measure it against your brand strategy. Formulating a content marketing and social media plan and executing it is much easier with a well-defined brand platform.

Check Your Brand

This helpful checklist should be used before you dive headfirst into content marketing and social media or if you’re at a juncture. For example, you can use it before you start a new marketing campaign or if you’re evaluating your strategy. The checklist will help you get a better idea of how well your brand is currently serving you.

 22 signs your brand may need a check-up:

  1. We’re putting out more and more communications, but we’re not sure if we’re getting anywhere

  2. What we’re saying doesn’t match who we really are

  3. We feel as if we have no real identity

  4. We aren’t able to effectively communicate our value proposition

  5. We can’t all agree on what we’re saying

  6. We aren’t sure what distinguishes us from other, similar brands

  7. Prospective customers aren’t sure what kind of company we are

  8. Prospective customers might not understand the value of our type of offering

  9. We’re not sure exactly who our competitors are

  10. Everyone is so focused on short-term gains that we’ve lost sight of long-term investments

  11. We aren’t attracting the kind of customers we want

  12. We aren’t effectively engaging our audiences

  13. We’re more likely to reference past brochures for messaging than to think about messaging goals

  14. We don’t have any measurement or accountability in place

  15. There is little or no integration across our sub-brands

  16. There are many differing messages coming from our brand with no clear messaging hierarchy

  17. We haven’t aligned our marketing goals with the overall organizational objectives

  18. We’re not always able to communicate the value of our marketing efforts in a way that will resonate with the entire organization

  19. We struggle to get support from other stakeholders for marketing initiatives

  20. We’re not on the radar

  21. We rarely “feel the love” from brand advocates

  22. We’re struggling to increase awareness because we’re not resonating

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it may be time to review your brand strategy. Check out the 7 Elements of Brand Strategy You Need to Nail for Content Marketing to learn more about what you need to succeed.

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