3 Videos that Prove How Powerful Storytelling is for Marketers  


the power of storytelling for marketers
We are not always logical, rational human beings. We are motivated by partially by our emotions and by things less tangible and concrete than facts and statistics. Storytelling is a powerful way to reach people. Storytelling can also be an effective method of persuasion.

Here are 3 examples of videos where marketers used storytelling to their advantage:

Chipotle’s “The Scarecrow”

Chipotle could have used its might to try to shove propaganda down people’s throats about the importance of where their food comes from using facts, research, and statistics. Instead, they chose to create a haunting video that tells the story of a scarecrow that rises above in a world dominated by unsustainable food practices. Chipotle could have bombarded us with facts about food, but instead, they were able to use storytelling to effectively communicate the importance of a healthy supply chain. The YouTube video has garnered nearly 15 million views since it was uploaded in September of 2013 and won numerous awards. This storyline was also used for an accompanying mobile app.

Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches”

Dove wanted to help girls and women feel better about themselves, instead of projecting images of perfection in their advertising. They could have simply told people to think more highly of themselves, to believe in themselves, and to have self-confidence. However, people don’t really want to be told what to do. Instead, they transported people into a story about real women and how they view themselves. They showed the experience of women who were drawn by an FBI-trained forensic artist based on her own description and based on a stranger’s observations to show the gap between people’s own perceptions of themselves and how others view them. The touching video not only attracted millions of views on YouTube; it catalyzed a larger conversation about the way we portray women in the media and how it affects their self-perception.

Google’s “Dear Sophie”

Never thought I would be getting misty-eyed over an internet browser, but thanks to epic storytelling from Google, I was hit with all the feels about Google Chrome. Google took something people probably hardly thought about – their internet browser – and connected it with a touching story. They put Google Chrome at the center of life’s most important, memorable moments and the joys of fatherhood. The popular video has over 10 million views on YouTube, helped create positive brand affiliation, and increased awareness for the Google Chrome browser.

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