7 Elements of Brand Strategy You Need to Nail for Content Marketing


content marketing and brand strategy

Before you start a content marketing and social media campaign, your brand needs to be in tip-top shape. If your brand isn’t ready to be communicated, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to build brand equity. It’s a short-term investment that may yield a few quick wins, but it won’t provide any longevity or sustainable value.

To get the most out of your content marketing and social media investments, make sure you’re confident about these 7 elements of your brand strategy:

  1. Unique value proposition

What exactly is your offering? A clearly defined offering that illustrates how your company is different from other companies is the starting point of any content marketing strategy. You have to know who you are and why you exist. Creating content is useless if you don’t know why people should care.

  1. Vision

Your vision statement communicates what the ideal outcome is for your organization. How will you change the world? What is the ultimate higher purpose you are striving for? The vision statement is a short, concise statement understood and shared by the community. Your vision should guide all of your efforts. If it doesn’t align with or help you accomplish your vision, it’s not worth your time.

  1. Core values

This is huge. What do you care about? What is most important to your organization? What values do you live by? In a time when people have nearly endless options when determining which brand to choose, values hold a place near and dear to many hearts. For people who want to buy from companies with shared values, it’s important to live out your values at every touch point. Communicating your values and standing by them can make the difference between your brand and another.

  1. Voice

Your voice can affect your company’s ability to differentiate itself, how recognizable your brand is, how memorable your brand is, how much your brand resonates with its audience, whether or not your audience feels like it resonates with your brand, and more.

  1. Key messaging

Know the key messages you’re trying to get out to the world. It doesn’t have to be messages made for shouting, but understand what key messages are needed to influence behavior. Key messages can be integrated into content and social messaging.

  1. Personas

Personas ensure you’re reaching the right people in the right format with the right message at the right time. If you don’t have well-defined personas, it’s hard to create truly targeted content or to reach a niche audience. You may also find it hard to compete with content that’s designed for a general audience since so much content already exists, it’s unlikely to be different or add any value to the space.

  1. Buyer journey

Understand the steps people take when interacting with your brand in the journey to purchase. It’s not always a funnel, it’s not always a straight path, and it’s not always the same path for everyone – but there are steps in the journey from awareness to action. It’s important to understand how that process works.

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