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In our last article, we discussed how content should address all aspects of the buyer journey, even moments not necessarily directly related to your product. It’s important to connect your brand’s values with consumers’ values if you want to create meaningful brand interactions. This week, we’ll illustrate how this can work with an example company. 

Example: Flea Medicine for Dogs

Let’s look at an example of a company that makes flea medicine for dogs. The company’s ultimate goal is to sell more flea medicine. The obvious content topics could be about dogs and fleas: how to identify fleas on your dog, what to do if your dog has fleas, etc.

Content Competition

Here’s the problem with this kind of content, everyone else who makes flea medicine is going to cover it. That’s fine, but you want to rise above this noise to stand out as the company to buy flea medicine from. You want your customers to be loyal to your brand above all others.

Taking Your Content to the Next Level

If you want to do something more, you can talk about flea medicine for dogs in the context of higher values. Does your company create flea medicine for dogs because it’s profitable, or because your company truly cares about dog wellbeing? If it’s the latter, then you likely have something in common with other dog owners: a shared understanding of the importance of good dog care. Once you identify this, you can see flea medicine in the context of consumers’ lives, from their perspective. You can talk to people who buy flea medicine for their dogs not because it’s another chore, but because their dog is an integral part of their lives. This group of people would invest in preventative care for their dog just as they would provide preventative care for another (human) family member.

Going Deeper with Your Customers

Basic facts may be attracting people early on in the customer lifecycle who will later become invested in their dogs as members of their families. However, to get the people who are already invested in their dogs as members of their families, you have to do more. When the flea prevention company starts looking at pets as having a deeper meaning in people’s lives, preventative dog care becomes relevant to the business goals.

Where You Can Go With Your Content

You may write an article about the importance of brushing a dog’s teeth. To the untrained eye, and for some executives who are busy with big picture thinking, this may seem off-topic and not related to what the company sells. They may wonder how it helps the bottom line; but when you think holistically about the 360-degree touch points of a brand, it’s doing exactly what it needs to be doing. This kind of content is attracting people who care about dogs as if they were members of their families.

more meaningful contentThey are people who care about preventative care, and when they buy flea medicine, they want to buy from a company that shares their values.

Using Content to Build Your Brand and Create Sustainable Value

Now you’re building your brand, communicating your brand values, and sharing what you care about (preventative care). When you’re connecting in this moment, you’re giving them the information they’re looking for, but you’re also reiterating and validating why they choose your brand. This is extremely powerful because your content should be about more than just acquisition, touting yourself, or getting new customers.

Content to Create Loyalty

Content is very powerful in that it can exist to validate your brand’s position in the minds of consumers. It’s saying yes, yes, yes, this is who you want to support, this is who you know, like, and trust. Now, content can serve the purpose of helping aid retention. It can go one step further in helping turn customers into loyalists, and ultimately advocates. Since it’s cheaper to keep your customers than get new ones, you’re ultimately generating financial value.

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