6 Ways To Integrate Social Media Into Your Content Experience


6 Ways To Integrate Social Media Into Your Content Experience

Last week we discussed what features are necessary for a content hub. One of those features was social media integration. We decided to go a bit more in-depth about the different opportunities for a brand to integrate social media into their content experiences. If your content serves to connect with consumers, then social media can help augment that experience. Here are ways that companies integrate social media into their content.

1. Include social content to view

This is a very simple way of incorporating social media. You took the time and effort to create content for your social channels, so why not get more mileage out of them by showcasing them in your content experience?

One King’s LaneOne King's Lane

This is especially nice when it flows seamlessly with the other content, as One King’s Lane does. The Instagram image serves to further support their design style and inspire their users.

2. Promote your branded hashtag

Although it’s not always possible for a brand to get a branded hashtag to catch on, your content hub can be a good place to promote it. You’re getting people who are already interested in the brand (they came to the website) exposed to your branded hashtag. This also provides an opportunity to tell part of your brand story. If you include images or other media with your branded hashtag, this provides users with an idea of what your brand is about. Finally, it can be a good way to seed a campaign and/or educate users about what kind of content fits that hashtag.


Fossil branded hashtag

Fossil includes their hashtag #callingallcurious with the added bonus of giving users the opportunity to be featured on their website. This provides extra incentive for people to use the hashtag.



Hydroflask displays Instagram photos with their hashtag #unexpectedrefreshment, which shows the brand’s outdoorsy feel and passion for adventure.

3. Embed YouTube videos

If you have YouTube videos that fit your content experience, embedding them can be a good way to get more use out of them and introduce people to your YouTube channel.



Coca-Cola uses their content hub to embed YouTube videos. Notice how they also use this opportunity to promote a branded hashtag.


Vans YouTube

Vans also uses YouTube videos within their content experience.

4. Call to action to follow

This is a tricky one. It’s nice to get users to subscribe to your content in some way – whether it’s email, Facebook, or Twitter so that you can stay in contact with them beyond the first interaction. With social media CTAs, it’s important to try to get users to connect with your brand without having to leave your website.

One King’s Lane

One King's Lane Pinterest

One King’s Lane has a beautiful content hub that’s highly visual and incorporates social media CTAs nicely without interrupting the experience. Notice how you can follow One King’s Lane on Pinterest with the click of a button, and without having to leave the site.

Coca-ColaCoca Cola Journey

The Coca-Cola Journey, Coca-Cola’s content hub, incorporates a CTA to like their page on Facebook, again without requiring users to leave the site. It’s eye-catching without being intrusive to the experience.


Nordstrom blog

Nordstrom’s CTAs to follow on Tumblr and Instagram are so seamless they fit right in with the other content.

5. Entire content experience lives on Tumblr

Some companies have chosen not to have their content experience on their websites, but instead to have it live on Tumblr.


Visa Tumblr

Visa’s corporate blog exists entirely on Tumblr, but it looks very much like a regular website.


Cinderella Past Midnight

Cinderella Past Midnight is essentially a campaign microsite that lives on Tumblr. This allows for an extremely interactive experience. Users can like or reblog content.cinderella past midnight become part of the story

The Cinderella Past Midnight Tumblr site also allows for users to submit their own posts.


Willy Wonka

Wonka Randoms is a Tumblr page devoted entirely to gifs and other whimsical graphical elements that can be liked or reblogged, as well as shared on Twitter or Facebook.

6. Brand has its own social network

A few brands are incorporating social media in a way where they own the entire experience – by creating their own social networks. Although these platforms aren’t anywhere near the size of major social media channels, they provide a unique opportunity to control every touch point and all the data accompanying it.

Under Armour

UA Record

UA Record, Under Armour’s “health and fitness network,” is a new mobile app that draws from MapMyFitness (which they bought in 2013) and their previous Under Armour Women app. They have plans to include hardware as well as software.

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