Startup Weekend Brand Launch Prize


Startup Weekend Brand Launch Prize

At FreshForm Interactive, we thrive from a maker culture. From the brainstorm to the final touches, every part of the creative process challenges our limits and satisfies our thirst for innovation. Experimentation is a nonstop part of our approach, and something we’re passionate about. On a day-to-day basis you’ll find our designers and developers creating digital masterpieces or crafting tangible art. We’ve made mistakes along the way, but the end result is always something we’re proud of.

Our own experiences have motivated us to help. We believe in inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs. We have passion in providing insight about where we’ve been, and learning about where we can go.

As a part of our mission, we’re sponsoring the Startup Weekend San Diego MEGA Event. Startup Weekend brings eager entrepreneurs from all over together to learn how to form and establish successful businesses. This year’s event is focusing not only on software innovation, but hardware innovation as well.

Being digital designers and physical artists ourselves, we jumped at the opportunity to help another team have their initiative heard. We decided to offer a “Brand Launch” prize to the winning team to get their feet on the ground so they can start running.

FreshForm Interactive

FreshForm’s “Brand Launch” Prize includes:

  • A 2-Hour Creative Workshop
  • Logo & Color Palette Refinement
  • Creative Copywriting To Help Tell the Brand Story
  • Professional Photography of the Product Prototype
  • Shooting & Editing of a :60 – :90 Sec. Product “Pitch Video”

Our goal is to assist others in building an audience and promoting their creative abilities. Innovation is never ending, and challenging each other for new ideas motivates us to keep making. We are excited to meet the amazing startups at this event and damn excited to see the winning team launch their product.

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