Experience Optimization

Global Innovation Exchange

Global Innovation Exchange (GlX) is a graduate program founded by University of Washington, Tsinghua University and Microsoft. The program offers interdisciplinary graduate degrees across two campuses merging technology, business and design to develop future leaders. GIX seeks to transform the world by solving global challenges and empowering students who are reflective of the digital age.


How might we consolidate the global web presence in order to share unique student experiences while providing qualified prospective students access to information they need to make choices?

Design Methods:

Stakeholder Interviews, Usability Test, Field Research, Card Sort, Prototype


During the research process, our design team learned information seekers rely on a single source of truth in four primary areas; stories, information, access, and resources. FreshForm combined three websites into one to simplify the student journey and help potential graduate students understand the value of the program. The improved user experience clearly explains the difference between programs, expected outcomes and allows users to determine if it’s a right fit for their professional goals.