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Qualcomm Ventures needed a new partner to help express their continuing success story. Goals for the site included providing visitors with a clear sense of who they are, what they do, and how Qualcomm Ventures is a thought leader in their areas of focus. The redesigned website needed to position Qualcomm Ventures as a cutting-edge corporate Venture Capital firm that top entrepreneurs want to work with, while still coming across as progressive, but approachable, to the global startup community.

Design Challenge

How might we provide a clear point of difference in a simple and concise way, to demonstrate that Qualcomm Ventures is the right partner?

QCV website design
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The smallest difference can make a huge impact. For Qualcomm Ventures, it’s about making and showing connections - with their current and potential portfolio companies, as well as showing the value in the connections that they can bring to the table.

Project Insights

Everyone loves the new website…please give all your team members a high-five from us!

– Keith Muhart | Senior Director of Marketing
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Leveraging their Champions

Qualcomm Venture’s redesigned website features several strategic and design solutions that enable the venture capital arm of Qualcomm to amplify the voices of their best brand champions – their portfolio companies.


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