We’ve Spent 20+ Years Honing Our Craft.

FreshForm combines business thinking with design thinking to accelerate growth for organizations. We apply intelligence, holistic design, innovation, and measurement to deliver business results by focusing on three types of core experiences: Customer Experience, Product Experience, Employee Experience.

Areas of Expertise


Product Experience

From product viability to vision to strategy to interface design to launch, Product Experience ensures that every interaction is intentional and delivers user outcomes.

Through thoughtful design, user research, and technical implementation, we craft intuitive and uniquely meaningful experiences that meet user needs and exceed expectations.

Experience Strategy

Develop a comprehensive strategy for enhancing the user experience (UX) of a product or service by aligning business goals with user needs and creating a clear roadmap for key experiences.

UX & UI Design

UX & UI Design sprint is a 10-day process for answering critical business and experience questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

Prototype & Testing

Develop and evaluate design prototypes through iterative phases, involving strategic planning, collaboration with stakeholders, user testing, and presentation of critical results.


Customer Experience

Customer Experience (CX) encompasses every moment where customers and brands interact – establishing trust, transactional excellence, and relationships.

Our work in Customer Experience is centered on creating meaningful and unforgettable interactions between businesses and customers.

CX Strategy & Planning

A well-defined CX vision, strategy, and plan results in improved customer loyalty and enhances your bottom line. Creating a CX strategy and implementing it across a complex organization is challenging. To realize the gains it requires a clear vision and comprehensive roadmap.

Customer Journey Mapping

A customer journey map serves as a visualization tool for depicting a customer's interactions with a brand (across digital and physical channels). A Journey Map enables businesses and teams to pinpoint areas for enhancement and align on what to prioritize and optimize.

Customer & Business Intelligence

Intelligence builds confidence and mitigates risk when it comes to making critical decisions. Often looked at from one angle, it’s best to take an approach that brings together multiple perspectives to see the whole picture. Intelligence gathering blends business casing, data mining, and marketing analysis to build intelligence about business imperatives.

VOC Program & Experience Measurement

Voice of the Customer (VOC) programs collect and synthesize feedback using a variety of methods to facilitate enhancement of customer experience. We have built a service framework we call ROME™, a Return on a Meaningful Experience, and it measures the ROI of your CX efforts.


Employee Experience

We improve the experience of work through collaboration and systems design, ensuring you leverage the value of investments (people, process and tech).

Through workshops, systems thinking, creative methods of coaching, and facilitating action, we help shape the future of work.

Alignment Workshop

Design thinking workshops help accelerate teams and cross-functional stakeholders by finding shared vision and clear priorities. Address priority problem areas, foster ideation for solution, develop strategic themes and define priorities.

Enterprise Design System

The Enterprise Design System aims to develop a comprehensive design system that ensures consistency, efficiency, and scalability across all digital products and platforms of the organization.

Strategy Summits

Strategy summits gather key leaders and to shape the future of products, services and experiences for your organization. When executed well, gatherings of high-level leaders are worth the effort - they generate immense value and create lasting bonds that foster productivity and collaboration.