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Uniquely Meaningful Experiences.


At FreshForm, we call these UMEs (Pronounced "You-Me") and it's why we exist — it drives everything we do. We design people-centered experiences with authenticity and shared purpose. We aim to inspire, connect, and prepare organizations to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution.


Finding the Right Balance is Key.

At first, omnipresent technology may seem the opposite of being human. But by blending technology to enhance our interactions and our lives, we can deliver more authentic, individualized experiences. We use these two forces to find the right balance for our clients and their audiences.


Every Organization is at a Crossroads.

When consumers have a good Customer Experience (CX), they are 3.5x more likely to make additional purchases than if they have a poor CX. Additionally, companies with a highly engaged workforce outperform their peers by 147%1 in earnings per share. The correlation between employee and customer experience is clear.

1 Gallup, Inc.


Experience Optimization

Optimize how people experience current interactions across touchpoints (products, services, organizations).

Experience Optimization Model

Experience Innovation

Add value to users by designing and delivering new ways of doing things that make life better.

Experience Innovation Model

Experience Transformation

Transform the experience ecosystem to stay modern, competitive, and immune from future disruptions.

Experience Transformation Model
Employee Experience Design

We help People & Culture Leaders solve common problems such as: How do we transform the way we collaborate? How do we remove barriers between teams and departments? How do we foster alignment and a common language?

Workshop Facilitation, Innovation Frameworks, Culture Development, Collaboration Tools & Techniques, User Experience Training, Shared Experience Summits, Creative Environments
Customer Experience Design

We collaborate with Product, UX & Marketing Teams to solve problems such as: How do we evolve into new markets? How might customers use products in new ways? How do we connect with the people who matter most?

User Research, Experience Design, Digital Product Design, Comprehensive Design Systems, User Interface Design (Web, Mobile, Voice, IoT) Prototyping, User Testing, Innovation Roadmapping

"FreshForm’s progressive thinking about new and emerging technologies has helped us completely reshape our materials and approach. We now provide engaging and memorable experiences to all our Honda and Acura employees.”

Rick Kramer, American Honda Motor Co. Inc.

Our Clients

We Partner with Visionary Brands and Emerging Leaders.


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FreshForm is an experience design and innovation firm based in lovely San Diego, California. We welcome visitors, so you may want to consider hosting your next off-site strategy session where the weather is nearly perfect year around. Yes, we're here to help.