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    Leadership Summit
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    Management Consulting, Acceleration Workshops & Leadership Retreats, Experience Strategy, DesignOps and ResearchOps Consulting

OneUX: A Unified Global User Experience Team, Vision and Culture.

Teradata had many of the same challenges as every large enterprise on the globe. After 40 years, the company was steeped deeply in an engineering-led culture and the technology and product decisions often override what the customer needs, or values.

Introducing OneUX, an initiative created to unify multi-functional team members across disparate divisions around the globe. To kick-off the OneUX initiative in order to simplify the user experience for their flagship product (Teradata Vantage), we organized, designed, facilitated and documented a 2 ½ Day Summit with over 30 user experience advocates and ambassadors from around the company.

Together we defined User Experience (UX), established Guiding Principles, aligned priority initiatives for upcoming year, and co-developed a Quarterly Plan. We used an array of design thinking methods to connect the team in a series of engaging sessions, conversations and workshops.

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$500k+ in Cost Savings

Over half a million dollars cost savings due to accelerated user research practices and deliver due to FreshForm staff augmentation

Reduced Redundancy by 4X

4x reduction in disparate workflows post implementation of research and design processes

Team Alignment & Empowerment

The OneUX mantra and blended design and operating principles carved a path for elevated employee satisfaction scores and increased productivity

Martyn Etherington

Chief Marketing Officer

“I have worked with IDEO, Frog, and Ziba in the past and I put FreshForm there, or even above these firms; I rate you that highly.”